Digital Pedagogy in Early Modern Studies – Supplementary Materials

Digital Pedagogy in Early Modern Studies - Method and Praxis

Teaching Digital Shakespeare
Laura Estill  

Interfaces and Ephemerality: Teaching Early Modern Ballads
Mary Learner

Constructing and Contesting the Past: Teaching History in the Age of Wikipedia
Jessica Marie Otis  

“Reading as Design”: Teaching Early Modern Texts through a Multimodal Lens
Denna Iammarino

Digital Competencies, Collaborations, and Cultures of Work: A Case Study from the Making and Knowing Project
Tianna Helena Uchacz, Naomi Rosenkranz, and Terry Catapano  

Collaborative Bibliodigigogy: Teaching Bibliography with Digital Methodologies and Pedagogical Partnerships
Kristen Abbott Bennett and Janelle Jenstad

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